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If you are stopped and arrested for driving while under the influence of alcohol or drugs, it is very important that you act quickly to hire an experienced criminal defense attorney to assess your case, explain your rights and fight to minimize the possible consequences of a conviction. 

In Indiana, drunk driving offenses are referred to as operating a vehicle while intoxicated or “OVWI.”  These offenses are also widely known as driving under the influence or “DUI,” or operating while intoxicated or “OWI.”  Regardless of what you call them, drunk driving convictions normally result in very serious consequences such as: loss of driving privileges, loss of employment, imprisonment, probation, and substantial court costs and fines.  Attorney Corey L. Scott, will methodically analyze and review your case to look for any violation of your constitutional rights, assess whether field sobriety tests were conducted properly, determine whether breathalyzer equipment worked properly to calculate your blood alcohol content (“B.A.C.), and make sure that you were properly advised of your rights by investigating officers.  Bottom line, although OVWI is a misdemeanor, an OVWI conviction can have a MAJOR negative impact on your life. 

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