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A fundamental goal of the Federal Bankruptcy laws is provide a “fresh start” to everyday people who are overwhelmed by debt and facing a financial crisis despite their best efforts to repay their financial obligations.  These are good, hardworking, honest people who because of divorce, separation, loss of a job, mounting medical bills or some other reason, consistently find that they have more bills than dollar bills and are gradually slipping deeper and deeper into debt.  For this reason, the Federal Bankruptcy Code provides several provisions that are available to everyday people to relieve the harassment, stress and worry that typically accompany being in debt, Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy. Between these two bankruptcy options, the following relief is available:

  • STOP all harassing calls and letters from bill collectors.
  • STOP garnishments and wage deductions.
  • STOP all lawsuits, including foreclosure.
  • STOP repossession of your car or truck.
  • STOP tax garnishments.
  • STOP payday loans.
  • ELIMINATE unsecured debts.
  • REDUCE the total amount you owe on certain debts.
  • REDUCE monthly payments.
  • GIVE you and your family a fresh start and second chance.
  • GIVE you peace of mind and restore financial confidence.
  • GIVE you and your family a renewed sense of hope for a better future.

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