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A Breath of Fresh Air

There are no words in the English language that can effectively describe my gratitude and appreciation for the time and effort that has been invested in my cases represented by Mr. Scott. Nearly two years ago I needed to retain an attorney to assist me with both my legal separation and then also my divorce. Unfortunately, over the course of the two years I had to retain two attorneys due to having lawyers that were too consumed with other case and not at all aggressive or committed enough to present in court the unknown facts that surrounded my case. As a result of these other attorney’s incompetence and laziness, I found myself in a situation where the courts were ruling in favor of my ex of which had a history of both abandonment and abuse. I sought out a third attorney after my divorce was final in order to appeal many of the things listed in the divorce decree. I refused to stop fighting for what was in the best interest of my son and I continued to believe that there was an attorney out there that was both skilled and willing enough to be my voice in the courtroom. Due to my very messy divorce I ended up needing both a family attorney as well as a criminal attorney. The idea of this became very stressful as I thought of how difficult it would be to find these two very different types of attorneys that would need to be passionate about their work, experienced, and affordable. I soon stumbled across The Law Office Attorney Corey L. Scott where I learned (from his website) that he was a “client focused” lawyer with a wealth of experience. Attorney Scott invested in my cases by doing his homework and learning about the history of the cases, looking into the evidence presented by all parties involved, conducting interviews with witnesses, and even creating a mock trial for me so that I, as the client, could be well prepared and less nervous for my big case. I am proud to say that Mr. Scott has currently won all of the cases of which he has represented me on. These cases have been a combination of both family and criminal cases. Although I pray that my most trying of cases are behind me, I am blessed to have been able to obtain the representation that I did through The Law Office Attorney Corey L. Scott and am confident that any future cases represented by Mr. Scott will also be in good hands.

– Clorissa Williams

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