A man posts a picture of himself and his victim onto Snapchat. Unbeknownst to him, one of his friends takes a screenshot and forwards it onto the authorities.

A traveler is upset with the airline he is flying and makes the decision to post about it. He tweets, “You know what? This airline has one week to get their s*** together, or else I am going to blow it up.” He is later arrested by the federal authorities and is facing very serious charges.

A mother posts a picture of her then 11-month-old, seemingly using a bong to ingest illicit drugs. You already know how that ended up.

Keep in mind that when you post to social media, you are also broadcasting to the world. We are living in a time where posting to social media has become a second nature, and many people do not consider that there are consequences to what they publish on these sites. Can you guess who else is on social media and always has eyes on social media? If you guessed the authorities, you would be correct. Even if the authorities aren’t monitoring your internet presence, the rest of the world has access to what you post and can easily send these posts over to the authorities.

Before you post, tweet, or pin something, think about whether you want that post to become evidence against you. Consider the possibility that this post may someday be dug up and presented in a courtroom. Always think twice about posting, because once it is out there, there is no taking it back.