It’s not exactly right to assume that everyone who goes to prison is a bad person. There are a lot of things that could have contributed to them ending up in jail. As the nature vs. nurture theory goes, a person is shaped both by their upbringing and environment. Their experiences and who they surround themselves with contribute greatly to the course of their lives.

From this stems the concept of “peer pressure.” Because people have grown to value friendships, there is also the tendency for them to blur the lines between a good friend and a bad influence. And this leads to serious problems that can affect a person’s life — sometimes even sending them to prison.

Red Flags in Personal Relationships

It has happened time and time again where a person ends up on trial and convicted of a crime because they weren’t careful with the company they surrounded themselves with. Maybe they stayed in childhood friendships because they’ve been through so much together. Or maybe they use the excuse of being in love to allow themselves to get stuck in a vicious and toxic cycle.

But suppose those relationships are constantly putting them in trouble, causing them to lose their freedom, or entangling them in legal matters. In that case, these are red flags that the friendship or romantic involvement is toxic and unhealthy.

Learn When to Cut People Off

It’s human nature to protect relationships, but if those relationships are causing people to get caught up in the criminal justice system or go to jail, it might be time to cut them off. How many times does it take for one to be in a bad situation before they begin to leave harmful relationships?

Loving or caring about someone does not entitle them to put people in situations they don’t deserve. A lot of people are in jail right now because of bad personal relationships — it happens, and that’s something that everyone should remember and consider.

Stop the cycle of destruction, cut the ties, and go a different direction.