My name is Corey Scott, and I am a criminal defense attorney here in Indianapolis, Indiana. As you can imagine with almost 20 years of practicing in this area, I have heard just about everything. It seems like every day someone comes into my office with some type of misinformation. For example, the other day I had an individual come to me with the belief that you are entitled to at least three different plea offers from the State of Indiana over the course of any case. Somewhere, somehow, somebody must be passing along this idea, because surprisingly this was not the first time I had heard this. Let me be perfectly clear when I tell you that this belief could not be further from the truth.

To understand how nonsensical this idea is, I will have to provide you with some context. In truth, 97% of cases in state courts are resolved by way of plea agreements, with very few cases making their way to trial before a judge or jury. That being said, the notion of being entitled to not one, but three plea agreements is absurd. In fact, you are not entitled to a plea deal at all. There are some cases that are so serious, murder for example, that the State of Indiana will not even offer a plea agreement. The specifics of a case, or the defendant’s history may also advise the court against offering a plea agreement.

So, if you know anybody with this crazy belief, or if someone tries to tell you this, please stop the spread of misinformation and share this with them right now! The State of Indiana is under no obligation to offer you a plea agreement. I hope that this has been helpful. If you have any questions, please feel free to give me a call or send me an email. I am always more than happy to talk with you. Until next time, remember, if you have to be guilty of anything, why not be guilty of greatness?