Over the years I have observed too many people make catastrophic, major mistakes, all because of a little peer pressure. I am not exaggerating here; I have seen an excessive amount of people who have completely ruined their lives thanks to peer pressure. There is a particular case that I know of where someone actually agreed to participate in a robbery, just because someone talked them into it. Only, that robbery went horribly wrong and turned into a murder. Multiple lives were ruined that night, and to make matters worse, most involved were very young. Young people are significantly more susceptible to being caught up in social pressures, and it is for young people I write this for today.

When someone gives into peer pressure, it is typically out of a fear of being seen a certain way. They don’t want to be perceived as soft or seem like they aren’t down. What I want to say to you readers, especially to you young people, is that you are reading this for a reason. I don’t believe that anything occurs by happenstance, and if you are reading this right now it is because you were meant to read this. If you are considering doing something just because you are worried others will think less of you, please pause, and give that some thought. Think about what you really want to do in your heart.

Most of the time when we are about to make a huge mistake, there is something inside of you that says, “You know what, this sounds like a horrible idea.” When you hear that little voice of reason in your head, you need to listen to it. Especially if the only reason you are considering the possibility is out of a fear of being judged! I understand that saying no to your peers can be a difficult thing to do. If you are unable to assertively say no to them, you can always make something up. Whatever you do, do not participate in anything that you do not feel right about, or feel like you are being pressured into. Let that person who is pressuring you do it by themselves.

I don’t know who this is for or who needs to hear this, but I hope that it helps you. I would be thrilled to hear you say sometime in the future, “You know what, Mr. Scott, I didn’t know you from Adam, but I was about to make an awful decision when I happened to watch your video/read your blog. Something compelled me to do something different.” I pray that this has been helpful, and if this doesn’t apply to you, please share it with someone who might need to hear it. Until next time, remember- if you have to be guilty of anything, be guilty of greatness.